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MS Moves®

MS Exercise. Fitness with a functional focus.

About the program

If you’re ready for an MS exercise program designed with you in mind, join us for MS Moves. We’ll help you build an exercise routine and stick to it!

The MS Moves Program offers you:

  • New exercise videos delivered right to your inbox
  • Monthly Zoom meetups with your instructors and peers
  • Motivation and accountability resources

Join us for an exercise program that focuses on your fitness and function to help you reach your best abilities in day-to-day life.

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Why Participate

Exercise is critical for your health, but finding the right fitness program can be a challenge – especially when your energy is a precious resource.

MS Moves will help you use your time wisely and gets you active while focusing on your functional abilities.

The 15-minute exercise videos in the MS Moves program are led by MS certified specialists Mandy Rohrig and Chris Wells. The videos will guide you through functional fitness routines that are like short PT sessions – at no cost to you!

MS Exercise Program - MS Moves - Mandy and Chris

What to Expect

Once registered for MS Moves, you will be added to our email list where you will receive:

  • MS Moves videos that focus on new functions every other week delivered right to your inbox
  • Calendars containing functional fitness challenges that, if they fit your goals, will help you with consistency and commitment to your exercise program
  • Prompts to join the monthly meetup on Zoom to ask questions, discuss solutions to setbacks, and support and motivate your peers

Each video is thoughtfully designed for people with MS to help maintain, optimize, or improve your functional abilities. MS Moves is a perfect way to complement your existing exercise routine or get started with entry-level exercise.

Get Started

Sign up today for MS Moves. Follow along with the videos throughout the month, then join us at the end of each month for the MS Moves Meetups to address your questions or challenges.

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Explore MS Moves Exercises

Each exercise will focus on a functional goal such as climbing stairs and curbs or coming from sitting to standing. The videos include an adequate warm-up, cooling breaks, and accessibility variations. Choose a function that fits your needs to get started!