MS is a “we” disease, not a “me” disease.

It affects not just the person with MS, but also their family, friends, and others who support and care for them.
This resource center is here to help care partners with their unique needs and challenges.

Focusing on Your Wellness as a Care Partner

Have you ever been on a flight and heard the phrase, “Put on your own oxygen mask before helping others”?

The short videos below offer advice for you to “put on your own oxygen mask”—that is, focus on your own health and well-being.

Mother and teenage daughter talking in the kitchen

Regaining Balance

Featuring psychologist Roz Kalb

Find rhythms in your relationships.

Title slide supporting the support partner regaining balance

You Are Not Alone

Featuring psychologist Roz Kalb

You’re not alone. Here are tips to feel connected to others, and resources to help you feel not as alone.

Title slide supporting the support partner you are not alone

Tips for Talking About Your Needs

Featuring psychologist Roz Kalb

Communication is important to every relationship. These are tips to communicate your own needs effectively to your partner.

Signs That You’re Maxed Out

Featuring psychologist Roz Kalb

Are you maxed out? Here are the signs you might be and what to do about it.

title slide supporting the support partner signs that you're maxed out

Putting Yourself First

Featuring psychologist Roz Kalb

Tips to put your own needs first, even when it feels difficult.

title slide supporting the support partner putting yourself first

Care Partner Podcasts

Listen to other care partners talk about their journeys with MS.

Care Partner Podcast Series