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Black Community Meetups

As a community, Black people with MS can find unique support, communication, and ideas together.

About the program

We welcome members of the Black MS community to join quarterly meetups, where you can find a positive and safe space to connect with other individuals on similar journeys with MS.

These meetups have been specially requested by African American and Black participants in our other Can Do MS Programs. We hope you find the same encouraging, optimistic, and dependable forum for learning and connection here—now, with a group that looks like you.

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June 27




Black MS Community

What To Expect

  • Exploring challenges experienced in the healthcare system and share strategies for self-advocacy
  • Learning about the common mood changes that occur in MS and sharing strategies for recognizing, managing, and communicating about them with others
  • Share strategies for managing the impact of MS on family roles and relationships
  • Learn and share strategies to manage the common health conditions that can speed MS progression and shorten life
middle aged Black woman and her adult son smile together and look at laptop screen

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Register for Black Community Meetups. Remember, support partners and caregivers are welcome!

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