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How To Sleep Well Despite Your Symptoms

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There’s nothing like a good night’s sleep. We need restful sleep to fuel our bodies and our minds, balance our moods, and support our health and wellness. But restful sleep for people with MS can be hard to come by. MS symptoms like bladder problems and pain, emotional distress, depression, and primary sleep disorders like sleep apnea, can all prevent or interrupt sleep. Join our sleep specialists to learn about the factors that interfere with sleep in people with MS and the strategies that can help you get the sleep you need.

Get Started With Strategies For a Good Night’s Sleep

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Do you lie awake worrying about not getting enough sleep? Do you get up to pee so often there’s a groove in the carpet? Does every MS symptom seem to wake up and boogie every time you try to relax into sleep? There is help for your sleep! Join us to learn and problem-solve with sleep experts and others living with MS who may have just the answers you need.

Your Questions Answered: Sleep and MS

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There are no questions that are too large or too small. Your sleep is much too important for your questions to go unanswered. This program is all about learning from sleep experts and each other about what works and what doesn’t when it comes to a restful night’s sleep. We invite you to join us!

Don’t MS With Texas: Lubbock, TX

Find connections, learn from healthcare professionals, and explore resources to help you and your loved ones thrive.

How to Talk about Tough Stuff with Important People

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Have you struggled to talk with others about the unpredictability of MS, why you “look so good” when your invisible symptoms are wearing you down, when you would like assistance and when not, or when your sex life seems to have tanked, or when you feel hurt or angry? Or have you just gotten quieter? You’re not alone! Join us for tips for talking about the uncomfortable or the unmentionable.

Community Program: Dallas, TX

MS can sometimes feel like the most overpowering part of your life, especially when MS affects you physically, cognitively, emotionally, and socially. Join us in Dallas, TX, to learn how to manage the symptoms that knock life with MS out of balance.

What is Smoldering MS?

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Have you ever wondered why your MS seems to worsen even though you’ve had no new lesions on your MRI and no recent relapses? This type of disability progression has begun to be described by MS experts as ‘Smoldering MS’. Smoldering MS refers to an underlying disease process that begins with the onset of MS and causes slow loss of neurons and axons even while episodes of acute inflammation causing individual relapses are being managed. In other words, the MS is simmering on low even while the disease is less active. Join us to learn about this new understanding of the MS disease process.

Your Questions Answered: Communication

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We communicate all the time – sometimes intentionally with our words and sometimes unintentionally with our body language or behavior. If you’ve run into trouble conveying your thoughts or feelings to others, or been confused by communications from others, come join us with your questions. You’ll have a chance to hear from mental health professionals and each other about strategies for effective talking and listening.