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MS Community Program | Men With MS | Denver, CO

Denver University Grand Forum 1700, 2055 E Evans Avenue, Denver, CO, United States

If you are a man living with MS, join us for this Community Program to find connection, learn from healthcare professionals, and explore resources to help you and your loved ones thrive. We look forward to seeing you in-person!  Dinner will be provided.

Explore Your World: Adaptive Living and Travel With MS

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Embark on a journey to a more vibrant life with MS by exploring new approaches to the things you’ve always loved. Whether you are looking for truly accessible travel accommodations, a new hobby to stimulate your mind, or a sport that can bring your loved ones together, we’ll help you find what excites you! Join us to find out what adventure might be waiting for you.

Black Community Meetup: Depression and Grief

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Facing an unpredictable chronic illness every day can lead to some pretty heavy emotions. Are you feeling grief, or could it be depression? In this session, we’ll help you differentiate between the two. Join this important conversation about the science behind depression in the brain, how we can overcome the stigma, and the ways that grieving can be both healthy and normal.

MS Incontinence: Regaining Control

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Join us to talk about a more nuanced kind of movement — bowel movements. Though often overlooked, bowel movements can actually help provide insight into the intricate systems of our inner health. And although digestive issues may be uncomfortable, embarrassing, and not the most enjoyable thing to talk about, up to 7 in 10 people with MS will deal with them at some point. In this webinar, we’ll decode the signals your body may be giving you and provide you with strategies to regain confidence and control.

Solutions for Bladder Control

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Time spent scoping out the nearest bathroom, deciding whether to go or not, or worrying about potential accidents can all be exhausting. Not to mention the fact that it can often distract and take you away from the precious moment at hand. The good news is, there are strategies, tools, and exercises you can use to keep your bladder from ruling your life.

MS Bowel and Bladder Symptoms: Your Questions Answered

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What’s causing my loss of bladder or bowel control? How can I tell if my MS is causing digestive issues or if it’s something else? Are there any exercises I can do to improve bladder control? How do I know when to go and when not to go? Should I be taking probiotics, laxatives or something else? Bring all your questions to our Can Do Coaches and get the expert answers you need to manage your bladder and bowel symptoms.

Event Series Care Partner Meetup

Care Partner Meetup: Optimizing Your Partners Safety and Independence

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As a care partner, do you find yourself trying to strike the perfect balance of enhancing your loved one’s well-being while also respecting their autonomy? It can often be an intricate art. In this session discover the value of adaptive equipment and how to extend assistance without compromising the cherished independence of your partner.

TAKE CHARGE: Newly Diagnosed

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Join this one-of-a-kind program to learn, set goals, and create healthy changes for your life.  Plus, meet other people living with MS who "get it" - all in a positive, safe, at-home environment.  The TAKE CHARGE Program is a 2-day program for people living with MS and their care partners to connect, receive coaching, and work together to find solutions to build a brighter future.