Bowel and bladder dysfunction is a common symptom of MS.

Approximately 80% of people with MS experience bladder problems, and about 70% experience bowel problems.

You might feel embarrassed, uncomfortable, and inconvenienced by these symptoms, but there are many ways you can manage them! Below, learn how MS leads to bowel and bladder troubles, how you can find the right treatment or therapy, and what lifestyle adjustments you can make to help.

Life with Bowel and Bladder Problems Caused by MS

Hear from two people living with MS as they discuss challenges and tips.

Featuring: Megan Weigel (nurse practitioner), Sharleen (lives with MS), and Jeff (lives with MS)

The Toll on Your Mind, Emotions, and Relationships

Understand the psychological effects of bowel and bladder symptoms.

Featuring: Rosalind Kalb (psychologist), Julie Stamm (MS activist), and Adam Romsdahl (support partner)

The Effects of MS on Your Bladder

Understand why you may be experiencing bladder issues.

Featuring: David Ginsberg (urologist)

The Effects of MS on Your Bowel

Understand why you may be experiencing bowel issues.

Featuring: David Ginsberg (urologist)

Treatments and Interventions

Understand what treatments can help your unique bladder and bowel concerns.

Speaker: David Ginsberg (urologist)

Physical Therapy for Your Bladder and Bowel

Understand how pelvic floor exercises and other PT can improve bladder and bowel functions.

Speaker: Lindie Schreiner (physical therapy assistant)

Tips and Tricks for Daily Life

Understand how catheters and other tools can be discreet, simple options to improve your life.

Featuring: Megan Weigel (nurse practitioner)

24 Sep

Coaching Series - Bowel and Bladder Health: Finding Comfort, Control, and Freedom

Whether you have been managing your bowel and bladder symptoms since the onset of your MS, or these symptoms are new to you, reducing their impact can be life changing. Join this four-week coaching series to learn the facts about bowel and bladder symptoms, how to prevent them, and manage them when they occur.

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