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In a small group, set goals, create plans of action, and make real changes in your life with your Can Do Coach®.

About the program

When we connect with a group of people to give and receive support, amazing things happen.

During Coaching, you’ll meet a small group of people who are on similar journeys as you. Together, you’ll learn from one another and your Can Do Coach to set goals, create plans of action, and make real changes for your life!

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Diet & Nutrition


March 28 - April 11





Next Coaching Series:

Finding Support as a Support Partner

MS is a “we” disease, not a “me” disease. It affects not just the person with MS, but also their family, friends, and others who support and care for them. We invite support partners to find their own time for community and Coaching in this series.

  • Wednesday, May 10
  • Wednesday, May 17
  • Wednesday, May 24
  • Wednesday, June 14

(6:00-7:15pm ET)

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Upcoming Coaching Series:

Reduce the Risk of Falls

Whether it’s due to MS or aging, you may be worried about your risk of falls. Thankfully, there are practical strategies you can use to reduce the risk. Empower yourself and learn from the Can Do Coaches during this series.

  • Wednesday, August 9
  • Wednesday, August 16
  • Wednesday, August 23
  • Wednesday, August 30

Additional meetups

  • Wednesday, September 20
  • Wednesday, October 18
  • Wednesday, November 15

(6:00-7:15pm ET)

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