Can Do helps families with MS thrive

We are a national nonprofit offering free programs and resources designed to help people living with multiple sclerosis and their care partners learn how to make each day the best it can be. We help you learn how MS can impact your life, find motivation and personalized guidance to overcome challenges, and build connections to find a positive support network.

Family Living With MS

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Celebrate Can Do Month!

All September Long. 

This month, we honor the legacy of our founder, Jimmie Heuga, and his pioneering spirit of focusing on what you can do while living with MS.

Join us in honoring him and share with us your best tips and tricks for thriving with MS!

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Fitness With a Functional Focus

If you're ready for a fitness class designed with you in mind, join us for MS Moves®. Exercise is critical for your health, but finding the right fitness program can be a challenge—especially when your energy is a precious resource. MS Moves will help you get active while focusing on your functional abilities for daily life.

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Diet and Nutrition

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Overcoming Inequities in MS

Your Guide to Overcoming Inequities in MS
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I used to believe that my disease was going to control my life, and there was nothing I could do about it. But once I got to Can Do MS... I realized that this disease wasn't going to control me. I am in control.


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With your help, Can Do MS will serve more than 200,000 individuals affected by MS this year.

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From outdoor adventures to craft beer and wine fests, our annual events are a great way to get involved with Can Do.

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