• 2022 Can Do MS reach and impact surpassed expectations.
  • We reached 206,145 people with MS and their support partners, a 30% year over year increase.
  • We offered 215 different engagement opportunities including live, virtual and in-person programs, 4 different coaching series, on-demand exercise, archived presentations, articles, podcasts and short videos.

2022 Highlights

  • Short-form videos on social media with tips for exercises, brain fog, communication and more received >88,000 views.
  • On demand exercise videos, led by Doctor of Physical Therapy, Mandy Rohrig received 20,000 views; 313% above our 2022 goal.
  • Webinars reached 18,580 people with MS and their support partners, 16% over our 2022 goal and a 30% year over year increase.
  • See our 2023 program information here.


A bar graph showing an increase in participation from 2017, which was less than 50,000, and 2022 which was over 20,000.
“Can Do MS is the best thing that has happened to me since my MS diagnosis. During the Can Do program my husband and I learned many ways to improve my care and quality of life while being mindful of his health and well-being. It changed our lives.”



Reach is important but impact for people with MS and their support partners is the most important outcome and measure of success.

  • Across all programs, post-program surveys indicate increases in knowledge, confidence, connection and activation.
  • Participants had greater confidence to manage their MS symptoms and participate in their daily activities
  • People found comfort knowing they were not alone and that others living with MS could provide insight and support.
  • More on the impact of 2022 Can Do MS programs is located here.
Aggregated data from webinars, jumpstart, Your questions answered, coaching and community programs. Most feel they can participate in home/community activites while managing MS due to program participation. Most feel they can manage MS symptoms due to program participation. Most collaborate with HCP in managing MS due to pgram participation. Most plan to make a change in their life to enhance or maintain their MS wellness in the next 30 days.