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Care Partner Meetups

A supportive space just for care partners to find community, support, and understanding.

About the program

MS is a “we” disease, not a “me” disease. It affects not just the person with MS, but their loved ones, too.

MS can cause big changes in the lives of care partners. Whether it’s losing your favorite shared activities, taking on new responsibilities, or changing the way you see yourself or your relationship now that you are a caregiver. These are real challenges, but sometimes they go unrecognized. That’s why we’re offering care partner meetups.

Join us and find the community, understanding, and ideas you need to feel better and live better.

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Family, Friends, and Relationships; Total Wellness; Understanding MS


August 1




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What To Expect

  • Connection through shared experiences of providing care for someone living with MS.
  • Learn and share strategies for communication, conflict resolution, planning for the future, and supporting your loved one.
  • Reminders that caring for yourself is just as important as the care you provide your loved one.
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