Happy Can Do Month!


All month long, we will be celebrating how you thrive every day with MS. Share your resources, tips, and tools below that help you focus on what you CAN do!

Resource Submission Form

Share with us all your best tips and tricks for living your best life with MS. Whether it's an exercise resource you use often, a tool that you use during a hobby or daily life, a recipe you love to cook, or something else! We want to see your favorite things that help you thrive with MS. When you submit your resource, you will be automatically entered into our Occupational Therapy Toolkit Giveaway!

Occupational Therapy Tools are shown. Card holders, jar and bottle openers, foam tubing, and a rocker knife. Giveaway Details

A randomly selected participant of Can Do Month will be chosen to receive an Occupational Therapy toolkit! Read the giveaway terms and conditions here.

This includes one rocker knife with blade guard, a two-pack of playing card holders, a six-pack foam grip tubing, and one 8-piece bottle and can opener set.



Graphic reads: Can Do Month Schedule Week 1: Diet & Nutrition Week 2: Exercise & Movement Week 3: Hobbies & Leisure Week 4: Compilation Wrap up!


Can Do Month Schedule

This month’s schedule can be seen here. Each week, we’ll share resources based on these weekly themes!


At the end of Can Do Month, we will be compiling all of the resources from the community for the community. So when you submit a resource, you will be helping others, too!

Jimmie was a beacon of wisdom, hope, and determination in the world of MS, forever changing the landscape of living with the disease. He pioneered the whole person philosophy of health through exercise, nutrition, goal setting, and motivation, enabling those with MS to lead healthier, happier lives. He motivated thousands with the empowering idea to focus on what you can do.

Our mission is to provide you with knowledge, motivation, and unwavering hope so you can recognize that every day offers an opportunity to thrive. As we embark on Can Do Month, we encourage you to explore how you can partake in our celebration and harness the spirit of Jimmie Heuga to embrace the incredible power within you.

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  2. PRIZES: The qualifying registrant will receive: one rocker knife with blade guard, one two-pack of playing card holders, one six-pack foam grip tubing, and one 8 piece bottle and can opener set.

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