Understanding Sexual Changes In MS: Education & Awareness

Sexual changes as a result of your MS are normal!

You are not alone in wondering about the impact of MS on libido, arousal, dryness and spams on this intimate part of your life.

With up to 80% of people living with MS experiencing sexual dysfunction in their lifetime, this often overlooked topic is a crucial part of overall wellness with MS.

The first step to understanding these changes in your body is becoming aware of them and educating yourself on them.

Roz Kalb sitting in her office

Opening Up: Talk to Your Healthcare Team About Sexual Changes with MS

Navigating the intimate changes brought on by MS can feel daunting. But opening up about it is a crucial step. Your healthcare team is there for you to discuss these changes and help you find solutions.

Roz Kalb sitting in her office

Finding a supportive provider you trust, who understands your needs, and can guide you toward solutions can make all the difference in your journey. If that’s not your primary care provider, consider seeking support from different providers.

Roz Kalb sitting in her office

Once you feel comfortable with the ways MS has affected this part of your life, it’s important to share those revelations with your partner. Opening up about intimacy changes with your partner isn’t always easy, but it’s important for understanding and connection.

Psychologist Roz Kalb shares some insight on how you can share these changes with your partner, while still making sure they feel loved and cared for.

Roz Kalb sitting in her office