Hobbies Members Of The Can Do MS Community Love:

  • A favorite hobby of mine is journaling and writing poems. It can be a gratitude journal or just sharing your daily thoughts to stay stress-free.
  • I began taking ukulele lessons a few years ago. It has improved my dexterity, my ability to multi-task, and it’s a good stress relief.
  • I make cards for the Caring Ministry at church with supplies from Stamp’in Up or Scrapbook.com. Making them brings me much joy.
  • Library is an incredible resource for activities as well as movement, and mingling while learning.
  • Having an Audible account and being able to read/listen to books. It helps me keep up with what is happening in the world of literature and it’s always great to hear a good book.

More Hobbies Members Of The Can Do MS Community Love:

  • I take riding lessons. It has always been a passion for me. I know my limits, but it gives me strength building and keeps me active.
  • I use guided meditations.
  • Riding my bicycle!! It helps me get outside in nature (when it’s not too hot), explore my community, and get exercise. Great for stress reduction and physical benefits.
  • Walking my dog!
  • My dad made birdhouses, and I started “Picasso-like” paintings on them. It is relaxing. If you made a mistake, for example, drawing two noses, you can just keep going!
Woman in a wheelchair painting at an easle.

More Tips from the Community