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Tools to Tackle Anxiety, Depression, and More MS Mood Challenges

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Our moods impact us and the people around us. How we feel, communicate, behave, and interact depends on the mood we’re in at the time. Understanding our moods – and where they come from (is it MS? My menstrual cycle? Menopause? Stress and worry? Fatigue?) – can help us manage them more effectively and explain them to others in ways they can understand. Join this important conversation to share your emotional ups and downs and problem-solve with the healthcare team and others affected by MS, including support partners!

Your Questions Answered: Mood and Mental Health

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Are you looking for a safe place to ask your questions about moods – Where do they come from? Why are depression, anxiety, and irritability so common in MS? Why do support partners experience their own emotional ups and downs? Why are exercise and physical activity as important as counseling or medication to help with mood changes. Join us to get your answers answered by healthcare professionals and others living with MS.

TAKE CHARGE: Black Community

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Join this one-of-a-kind program to learn, set goals, and create healthy changes for your life. Plus, meet other people in the Black Community living with MS who "get it"—all in a positive, safe, at-home environment. The TAKE CHARGE® Program is a 2-day program for people in the Black Community living with MS and their support partners to connect, receive coaching, and work together to find solutions to build a brighter future.

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Join us in Denver at the Consortium of MS Centers (CMSC) 2023 Annual Meeting! Discover how you can thrive by taking charge of your...

How To Beat Your Bowel and Bladder Blues

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Do worries about your bladder or bowels prevent you from taking part in things you enjoy? Is scouting out the bathrooms your first priority every place you go? Are you wondering whether your MS is the culprit? Or menopause? Or normal aging? Regardless of the cause, there are solutions! Learn from the experts about bladder and bowel changes in MS – what causes them, how they interact, and how to manage them with confidence.

Gotta go? Get Started with Practical Bladder and Bowel Tips

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Feeling comfortable and confident about toileting is important to your well-being. When these important functions become unpredictable, you may lose self-confidence, isolate yourself, and miss out on activities you love. Join us to learn about strategies and tools, from the healthcare team, share tips and resources, and discover that your bladder and bowel don’t have to rule your life!

Your Questions Answered: Bladder and Bowel

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Here’s your chance to ask all your questions about bladder and bowel changes in MS – what causes them, how to manage them with confidence, how to regain your feelings of confidence and control. Healthcare professionals and others with MS will be there to give you tips, tools, and solutions, whether you choose to ask your questions on camera or in the chat box. You can easily get the answers you need from the comfort of your own home, knowing that others share your challenges and concerns.