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TAKE CHARGE: Progression and Aging With MS

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Are there symptoms or challenges that you have lived with for years or just accepted as an inevitable part of living with MS? There may be a way to change their role in your life. This TAKE CHARGE is designed to help you manage the unique challenges that arise as your MS progresses. Together, we'll explore topics such as staying active, planning for unpredictability, and managing mood and cognition changes.

Top 10 Tips to Live Better With MS

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Living well with MS should not feel like a chore added to a never-ending to-do list. It should feel like waking up and actively pursuing...

Working and MS: Your Questions Answered

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Are you wondering if you can still work when you have multiple sclerosis? How do you know when to stop working with MS?

TAKE CHARGE: Black Community

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Join this one-of-a-kind program to learn, set goals, and create healthy changes for your life.  Plus, meet other people living with MS who "get it" - all in a positive, safe, at-home environment.  The TAKE CHARGE Program is a 2-day program for people in the black community living with MS and their care partners to connect, receive coaching, and work together to find solutions to build a brighter future.

MS Travel and Leisure: Tools, Tips and Adaptations

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Travel and leisure with MS might seem like uncharted territory, but there is a whole suitcase worth of tools and strategies to make your journey as smooth as possible. Whether you’re embarking on a new activity or seeking to explore a new location, get the know-how to create a lifestyle where MS doesn’t hold you back.

Explore Your World: Adaptive Living and Travel With MS

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Embark on a journey to a more vibrant life with MS by exploring new approaches to the things you’ve always loved. Whether you are looking for truly accessible travel accommodations, a new hobby to stimulate your mind, or a sport that can bring your loved ones together, we’ll help you find what excites you! Join us to find out what adventure might be waiting for you.

MS Tech Toolbox: Streamline Your Daily Life

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Day-to-day life already comes with a hefty mental load, add MS challenges into the mix and you might be overloaded. Together let’s find ways you can work smarter, not harder. Join us to learn how to make life easier by integrating assistive technology into your daily routines.

MS Fatigue: Why You Are More Than Just Tired

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MS fatigue is complex and goes beyond just being tired. You may find that even when you are getting a quality night’s rest, you can’t...

Solutions for Restful Nights and Energetic Days

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You already know the impact of getting a good night’s rest on the following day. However, implementing the habits required to fall asleep....