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If you’re ready for a fitness class designed with you in mind, join us for MS Moves.

Exercise is critical for your health, but finding the right fitness program can be a challenge – especially when your energy is a precious resource.

MS Moves will help you get active while focusing on your functional abilities. Join us for this new exercise program that will help you reach your best abilities in day-to-day life.

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MS Moves with Mandy Rohrig, Physical Therapist

Movement for symptom management

Staying active with exercise and physical activity is good for your health and helps you manage MS. A structured exercise program for people with MS includes four primary elements: endurance, strength, range of motion/flexibility, and balance. Explore the elements that fit your unique needs and goals.

No time or energy for a full workout?

Explore exercises that are 5 minutes or less and you can complete anywhere, any time

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