Welcome to the New Can Do MS Website

Learn about the changes we made to our logo and online experience.

About the New Website

At Can Do MS, our mission is to deliver health and wellness education to help families living with MS thrive. Our vision is to strengthen every family with MS.

To best deliver upon our mission and to continue striving toward our vision, we have updated our website to be more organized, accessible, and intuitive.

Getting Started

Can Do MS offers a variety of resources, programs, and exercises. They are all designed to help you manage your symptoms, create stronger relationships, and take charge of your wellbeing.




All of our resources can be found in MS A-Z.

If you’re not sure where to begin, start here! You can access all the information you need about MS, its symptoms, treatments, challenges, and tips for your life.

You can sort by:

  • Category (such as symptoms, relationships, or daily life)
  • Type (such as videos, articles, topic guides, or webinar archives),
  • Length (ranging from a few minutes to full-length webinars).


We still offer the same great Programs for the MS community that we have delivered for nearly 40 years.

  • You can learn about the different types of Programs we offer here.
  • You can view all upcoming Programs on the calendar here, and you can sort by:
    • Category (such as fatigue, mobility, or mood)
    • Virtual or In-Person
    • Date, time, and more.


Since our founding, Can Do MS has advocated for the benefits of physical activity and exercise for people with MS.

Now, our library of Exercises is easier to access, so you can get started with movement to manage MS today.

You can sort by:

  • Length (bite-sized exercises are Less Than 5 Minutes; full-length, MS Moves with Mandy workouts are More Than 5 Minutes)
  • Body Position (seated, standing, or assisted standing)
  • Focus Area (such as flexibility or strength)
  • Function for your everyday life (such as kitchen mobility, or going from a sitting to standing position)
  • Intensity (we recommend you start at Level I and only work up as you and your healthcare provider feel ready)

Get Involved

We are a national nonprofit that offers all of our resources at no cost to families living with MS thanks to generous donors, fundraisers, and partners.

For those wishing to get involved in our work, you can learn more here.

About Our New Look

As we updated the structure of our website to be more approachable, we also updated our fonts and colors to be more visually accessible. With this change, we knew it was time to update our logo as well.

We are still focused on our mission, vision, and purpose—serving the MS community—and our legacy still drives us forward.

Our founder, Jimmie Heuga, always said: “Focus on what you can do.

Our new logo embodies this concept, showcasing how you can find a positive approach to what’s possible in life, work towards your personal goals, step into your power, and move forward with MS.

“Focus on what you can do.

– Jimmie Heuga, Founder of Can Do MS

Ask for Assistance

If you find that certain links are broken, you can’t find the resource you’re looking for, or you’re struggling to navigate the website, simply contact us.

As always, the Can Do Team is here to help!