The Role of the Specialty Pharmacy As Part of Your Healthcare Team

Sponsored by CenterWell Specialty Pharmacy

20 Apr 2023 | ~57:34 Engagement Time


Kathy Costello , Nurse Practitioner , Megan Winebrenner , CenterWell Specialty Pharmacy , Courtney Tyus , CenterWell Specialty Pharmacy & Kathy Chester , Patient Advocate

Webinar Recording Part I

Webinar Recording Part II

Webinar Recording Part III


Your pharmacist can be more than just the person who fills your doctor’s prescriptions for you. Did you know that Specialty Pharmacies can also provide essential information about how to take your medications, how the medications you are taking may interact with each other, how to manage side effects, and how to juggle the timing of vaccinations with medications you are taking—all with a unique understanding of MS? In this webinar to learn from a healthcare panel about how to work with your whole healthcare team, including your pharmacist, to help manage your MS and overall wellness.