2023 More About MS Program: Taking Charge of Your MS Care

Sponsored by Biogen & Bristol Myers Squibb

2 Jun 2023 | ~1:59:11 Engagement Time

Led by a

Multidisciplinary Healthcare Team

Program Recording


Can Do MS had the honor of hosting the More About MS Program at the 2023 CMSC Annual Meeting. Please enjoy the recording of the LIVE program focusing on Taking Charge of Your MS Care! To start off the program, you’ll hear a Mindful Moment followed by a panel discussion on Managing Invisible Symptoms. Then, the program wraps up with a segment called Make Use of a Moment where you can learn how to make the most out of moments in daily life.

Program Speakers:
Stephanie Buxhoeveden, Nurse Practitioner
Kathy Costello, Nurse Practitioner
Roz Kalb, Psychologist
Stephanie Nolan, Occupational Therapist
Mandy Rohrig, Physical Therapist
Randy Schapiro, Neurologist
Megan Weigel, Nurse Pracitioner